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         Shanxi Xinghua Cun Fen Chiew (Group) Co.,Ltd is a new state-own grouped company established in March of 2002 after a reform-systemed experience.The company produces and operates Chinese Chiew(wine) --Fen Chiewand Zhu Ye Qing Chiew,etc.It boasts the Chinese famous trademarkí▒Xinghua Cuní▒spreading greatly at home and abroad.The company is one of Top 520 Enterprises and one of 12 Shanxi authorized enterprises.

         The company is located inXinghua Cun(village) of Shanxi, a birthplace of Chinese wine and wine culture.Xinghua Village has fine groundwater resources and unique microorganism for making wine,with outstanding geographical condition.The wine Fen Chiew appeared firstly in Shangzhou Dynasty 3000 years ago.   Fen Chiew is a kind of spirit distilled in Fenyang in China with the fragrant.Fen Chiew experienced three brilliant phases.Firstly, Fen Chiew was praised highly by the emperor of Northern and Southern Dynasties 1500 years ago. This make Fen Chiew achieved instant fame;Secondly, A poem Qing Ming written by Du Mu in Tang Dynast make Xinghua Cun even more well-known,Fen Chiew was ;Thirdly Fen Chiew won Golden Medal at Panama Wan Guo Exhibition in 1915.This made Fen Chiew become a leader in Chinese Chiew trade.

         Its former Qinghua Cun Fen Chiew Factory founded in 1949 with traditional craftwork and advanced technology. And Fen Chiew was ranked as one of Top Four Chiew in China.Another ,Zhu Ye Qing Chiew also obtained International Golden Medal.

         The company passed ISO-9001 international standard quality system authentication once only in 1999.Its total assets is 2 billions RMB,and produces 50,000 Tons Chiew annually,stands an area of 230,0000 sq ,with more than 7000 employees now. The company is striving to make a large comprehensive group with internationalization , marketization,high-efficient,modernization!
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