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  • A.D. 561564 The Chiew from Xinghua Cun has been famous in old time,and praised highly by Wu
    Cheng Emperor.All those above were marked in Bei Qi Book.
  • A.D. 830---A poet wrote poetry named Qing Ming,this made Fen Chiew of Xinghua Cun even more
  • On Jun 1 of 1949---Shanxi Xinghua Cun Fen Chiew Factory was established after purchasing
    other plants.
  • In 1952---Commented as One of Top four Chiew of China.
  • In 1984---Fen Chiew and Zhu Ye Qing Chiew were both commended as China Top Product at 4th
    State Commenting Meeting.
  • Fen Chiew Factory became a biggest production base of Bai Chiew in China, the output topped
    8000 tons in the whole year, accounted for 50% across China at that time.
  • Xinghua Fen Chiew Factory was awarded national quality control prize in 1986.The company was
    only one in chiew trade among 32 enterprises .
  • In 1987 Zhu Ye Qing Chiew obtained Golden Medal and ranked No.1 at Paris Wine Exhibition.
  • 1988---Established Xinghua Cun Fen Chiew Group with 18 subsidiaries.
  • 1988---Firstly ranked as one of Top 500 Profit Enterprise .
  • In 1989 Fen Chiew was proved as National Top Product. Fen Chiew won the right to run its own
    business of imports and exports firstly in the trade in 1992.
  • On Aug 15,1993---Shanxi Xinghua Cun Fen Chiew Factory reformed as Xinghua Cun Fen Chiew
  • 1993---Shanxi Xinghua Cun Fen Chiew (Factory)Company firstly listed in the market.Become only
    one in Chiew trade.
  • 1995---Ranked as Top Ten Scenic Spot for Travel of Shanxi.
  • In 1997---The trademark Xinghua Cun was proved as State Top Brand.
  • 1997---Qing Hua Ci Fen Chiew was developed out successfully.
  • The company determined to make an investment and developed claret project in 1997, produced
    3000 tons by 1999.
  • On Feb 24 of 2000---Xinghua Cun Fen Chiew (Factory)Co.,Ltd passed International ISO9001
    quality system authentication.
  • On Apr 2 of 2002---Reformed as Shanxi Xinghua Cun Fen Chiew Group Co.,Ltd through provincial

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